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About me…

Here are a few things about me…

I am a member of a big family in many ways.  I have 2 partners (Calyx Meredith and John).  Combined, we are 3 adults, 5 kids and 2 dogs strong.

I was adopted.  I grew up with my adopted family in Florida.  When I was about 21, I met my biological family.  They are all a regular part of my life.

When I was 9, I was riding my bike – my brand new bike in my brand new jeans (they had lots of pockets and zippers – precursors to cargo pants – well, that’s what I like to tell myself anyway) in Key Largo, Florida at a campground.  The roads were made of pieces of coral rock (like gravel only worse).  I attempted a turn, fell and broke my femur.  As a result of the break, I was in traction for a month (to pull the bones apart so they would set properly) and a body cast for 3 months.  I was afraid of my bike for a time. 

I got over being afraid of my bike.

I have a BS in Math and Secondary Ed as well as a Master of Divinity. 

I teach middle school math (7th grade – mostly PreAlgebra and some Algebra).  I started a blog with my students this year.

I was born in Miami.  I don’t like the cold and I love the ocean.



  1. I had no idea you broke your femur! I can’t wait to find out more about you.

    This is cool! Thanks for including me. 🙂

    Comment by Jessica | June 27, 2007

  2. And I didn’t know you were in a body cast for 3 months!! How awful, especially when you’re 9! I agree with Jessica…this is cool! Love you!

    Comment by Sherri | June 28, 2007

  3. Yep, broken femur/traction/body cast – I had it all!

    The good part of the story is that I met some of the Miami Dolphins while I was in the hospital and then went out to their training camp when I could walk again. They gave me one of their footballs (that they had just been practicing with) and then signed it. I met Don Shula (the winningnest coach and the only one with a perfect season) and Bob Griese and Larry Csonka – along with a host of other wonderful players. It was fantastic.

    Thanks for the posts.

    Love yous too!!!

    Comment by undermyownsteam | June 28, 2007

  4. I think this is wonderful. Please keep your blog going. Tell everyone in Nashville hello for me. Love you.

    Comment by Emma | July 2, 2007

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