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week of January 12

Monday – 40 minute bike on the trainer

Tuesday – nada

Wednesday – 1 torture set

Thursday – 1 torture set and bike on the trainer for an hour

Friday – nada

Saturday – 1 torture set and one hour on the bike trainer

Sunday -nothing physical at least – I’m working on training and food.

Reflections – My mental state got better and better as the week progressed.  Training is becoming more of a habit again which is really good for my mental state.  I’m still having a hard time with food.  I’m working on making fruit smoothees part of my regular diet.  I need more veggies.  I like protein.  It’s like I have all the pieces but I haven’t figured out how to bring them all together just yet.  I’m tired of having extra weight to haul around.  I don’t need it.  I’m a little frustrated because despite the fact that I have all but quit drinking, I haven’t seen a significant impact on my weight.  I suppose I’m taking in the calories from other sources but I haven’t figured them out yet.

Goals for next week

1.  Run at least twice 2.  On the days that I do torture sets – do 2 torture sets instead of just one  3.  Eat better – planning meals helps 4.  Leave work at work


January 18, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Hey… I have found that when I eat alot of veggies it really fills me up. I’m a pescatarian-only eat fish-and that’s quite infrequently-so I tend to eat alot of veggies…I pick the fruit and veggies first and then I find I eat less crap that is bad for me(but that tastes so damn good!!)

    Comment by Penny | January 18, 2009

  2. First of all, thanks so much for responding to me as much as you do. It helps a lot. I’m working being a better blogger – to me that means commenting on other blogs too. It’s part of my training. Second, thanks for the advice about veggies. I used to eat more veggies. It’s nice to have that reminder. Thanks. A lot.

    Comment by undermyownsteam | January 18, 2009

  3. I gravitate toward carbs — the good carbs like potatoes, whole grains, etc. And lately I’m adding a portion of veggies to whatever I’m making — scrambled egg whites with chopped green pepper and onion, salsa, mushroom, whatever is in the fridge — put enough in and scramble them together and you have at least a couple servings of veggies and protein. You can also slice up an apple or pear or orange to have on the side. Then I make a side of potatoes (sauteed in olive oil Pam you don’t need much just enough to keep them from sticking, OR a slice of bread 100% whole wheat).

    Comment by Stef | January 18, 2009

  4. Oh and I also add hot sauce to the scrambled eggs. I like a bit of a bite to them, adds flavor!

    Comment by Stef | January 18, 2009

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