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… feels like the first day of the new year to me.  All of the celebrations are over, school has started again, and it’s time to get moving into the new year.  It also feels like the first day of a new season which is different for me. 

We did week 3 of the push-ups challenge.  We might have to do it a couple more weeks.  We took last week off and … well… I can sure feel the break – I felt much weaker than I normally do.  Oh well. 

Back story –>  As we map out what our year of training looks like, leading up the B2B we have about 2 months of “free time”.  (Okay, so it’s not really free time, but it is time that we do not have a triathlon specific training plan mapped out.  So, we decided to focus effort on strengthening our respective cores.  To me, that means lots of sit-ups. Like normal, I  just jump in and start doing what I know without much thought (note the sit-ups logged in the previous weeks).  Meredith, on the other hand, is really great about exploring options and figuring out which one is best for the training plan and goals.  She is a fantastic fitness information sherpa!  So, she found this thing about Six Pack Abs (there is a link to it on the hundredpushupschallenge.com website).  She did more exploring and found a couple of youtube videos demonstrating some of the strategies and exercises for strengthening your core. 

Current story –> I did one of the sets of torture series of exercises tonight. (If I can figure out how to upload the you tube video, I will).  It didn’t look that bad to me.  But now I realize I need some sort of fitness glasses.  IT WAS REALLY TOUGH.  Description – 15 seconds of an exercise then 15 seconds rest for 6 exercises.  Doesn’t sound bad does it?  I mean, anybody can do an exercise for 15 seconds, right?  Holy crap.  I learned tonight how very far I have to go in some ways.  15 seconds of push-ups (not bad really especially since we’ve been doing the 100 push-ups challenge), 15 seconds rest, 15 seconds of mountain climbers (um – okay so now I’m breathing heavy), 15 seconds rest, 15 seconds of thrusters a.k.a half – burpees (why are they called that?) (now, I’m breathing heavy or trying to and trying to figure out how to get both of my legs to come in the way they are supposed to), 15 seconds of rest, 15 seconds of high knees (this feels relatively easy ’cause of some of the other workout stuff I’ve been doing), 15 seconds of rest, 15 seconds of squats (okay – not bad, challenging but not bad), 15 seconds of rest, 15 seconds of jump squats (this one requires a bit of coordination that I’m not used to figuring out so that part was a bit of a challenge the first time around).  I was PANTING by the end. 2 minutes and 45 seconds of work-out and I’m panting.  I’m not sprinting.  I’m not pedaling up a huge hill.  BUT, I’m panting nonetheless.  Then I found out that I was supposed to do 2 more sets.  EEK.  I took more than the minute break (so I could actually catch my breath) – probably more like a 5 minute break and then started the second set.  HOLY CRAP!  My weaknesses are totally exposed during the second set.  I know that’s not a bad thing but it sure is humbling.  The thrusters and jump-squats kicked my ass.  I had a hard time getting my legs all the way forward and pushing all the way up toward the end of each 15 second interval.  The third set was even worse (or better depending on your perspective).  And, it was just the warm-up!!!!!!!!  It was just the freaking warm-up. 

But, I liked it.  I liked that it kicked my ass.  I like that there were different exercises – not just sit-ups.  I like that it’s making me breathe hard and that I can really feel my muscles working. 

I like the se sets of torture.  Weird.  Freakish even.

I hope the rest of you freaks out there have a great year.  Happy torturing exercising!


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  1. woo hoo torture! Right now sounds horrible but I love to sweat and hurt when I exercise!!! Rock on woman!!! And happy training, happy 2009 happy everything!

    Comment by Penny | January 6, 2009

  2. The part that amazes me is that this was AFTER push ups and AFTER an entire day standing up in front of kids! You still brought that kind of intensity to a workout at 9 pm. You totally rock!

    Comment by Calyx Meredith | January 7, 2009

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