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I  like what Formulaic does in reporting his weekly totals so I decided (like any good teacher) to steal his fabulous idea.  Here’s my first installment:

Monday – I did nothing.  Oh wait, I watched football and did some bicep work and tricep work.  I’m using light weights and high reps because while I am interested in getting stronger, I want my arms to get firm not bulk up.

Tuesday – I biked on the trainer for an hour (right now it’s an excuse to read a book).

Wednesday – I biked on the trainer for an hour (read my book for an hour) and did push-ups (5 sets – 14, 18, 14, 14, 20).  I think I also did more bicep and tricep work.   Oh yeah, we ordered this video that is a dance cardio workout.  We tried learning the moves and did that for about 30 minutes.  I think altogether I only got about 15 minutes of workout – I was struggling.

Thursday – NADA.  I even watched a little bit of football but couldn’t convince myself to do ANYTHING other than stuff for my job.  Arggghhhh.

Friday – I biked on the trainer for an hour (read my book for an hour) and did push-ups (5 sets – 20, 25, 15, 15, 25).

Saturday – I walked Tallulah and walked to the library.  Later, I did some aerobic work (jumping jacks and leg lifts while hopping like I was doing jumping jacks – it was quite difficult) for about 8 minutes interspersed with a bunch of sit-ups.  [I am gonna start doing this thing where I do 1 sit-up then 3, then 5, then 7, etc., all the way up to 39.  I never thought about the numbers until today when I was trying to figure out how to describe it.  So, you start by counting up and then counting down – like count up to 20 then back down to 1 – doing sit-ups for each count.  I used to do it up to 20 which is what I did tonight and will continue until it gets easy.  I think it ends up being a couple of hundred sit-ups or crunches or whatever they end up being.  I know it works my abs.  I can feel it.  And core work is good, right?]

Sunday –> I did push-ups (22, 30, 20, 20 , 28), sit-ups and some bicep and tricep work  and biked on the trainer for 30 minutes.

Total time biking on the trainer –>3.5 hours

Total number of pushups –>300 (wow – that’s a bunch)

Total number of sit-ups –> 800 (cool)

Total strength training- bicep/tricep work – 3 days (3-4 sets, 8lb weight, 25-30 reps – each day)

Total aerobic stuff – 23 minutes (8 minutes Saturday plus about 15 minutes for me on Wednesday with the dance cardio workout)

I’m not motivated to run – at all.  The trainer is appealing because I can – you guessed it – read my book.  I’m liking the push-ups and the tricep and bicep work.  And, we just got this fun dance workout video.  But, holy crap, you gotta know how to dance already.  So, that one’s been pretty intimidating for me.  I’m hoping to get into it soon.  At the very least, it’s giving me some ideas about exercises to add to my workout.

So far – not looking too good for the half-ironman next year.  But, we have not-quite a year to get ready, to get that motivation back. 

Happy training.


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